Orange Lab Sophia Antipolis : Orange Lab is focused on the design and measurement of radiating system for mobile applications.

Involved researcher : Alain Calderone, Dominique Nussbaum, Jean-Louis Desvilles, Frédéric Devillers, Delphine Lelaidier, Laurent Pommerol, Philippe Ratajczak, Jean-Pierre Rossi, Christian Sabatier,  Eric Seguenot.


EpOC Lab, is designing innovative integrated solutions using  SoC and 3D SiP build-up in wireless sensor network domain.

Involved researcher : Eric Dekneuvel, Gilles Jacquemod, Cyril Luxey, Diane Titz.


LEAT (, The Laboratoire d’Electronique, Antennes et Télécommunications (LEAT) is a joint Research laboratory supported by CNRS and the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. The laboratory director is Jean-Yves Dauvignac. The total staff on January 1st 2013 is 71 including 31 permanent positions (Full Professors, CNRS Research Director, Associate & Assistant Professors, Engineers, Technicians, and Administrative Assistants) and 40 non-permanent researchers (Ph.D students, post-docs, Engineers, invited researchers, …).

The three principal research areas are the following: Modeling, System Design of Communicating Objects (MSCOC), Modeling, Design of Antennas (CMA) and Detection and Imaging Systems and Associates Antennas Systems (S2DS2A). These researches are carried out with a strong emphasis on applicability, especially Telecommunications (RF Microelectronics, Mobile Communications, Indoor Communications, Short-Range Communications, Transponders, Tags (RFID), and VLF Communications), Radar, Nondestructive Testing, Subsurface Radar, Civil Engineering and Geophysics. All these investigations are carried out through research contracts and collaboration agreement with private companies and with research institutions, and academic laboratories.CMA team from LEAT laboratory gathers top level expertise on various research fields: RFID Antennas, Sensors, Antennas on Chip (AOC), Antennas in Package (AIP), Low-Profile and Multi-standard Antennas, New Material-based Antennas (metamaterials, EBGs), Reconfigurability (MEMS, New Materials, RF Microlectronic Components and Circuits), MIMO, Multi-Antenna Systems, Rectennas and Energy Recovery Systems.

Involved researchers : Jean-Yves Dauvignac, Aliou Diallo, Fabien Ferrero, Georges Kossiavas, Christian Pichot, Jean-Marc Ribéro.