A new arrival in the CREMANT : Dominique Nussmaum, Research Engineer at Orange Lab Sophia


Career history : Dominique received his Engineer diploma in 1994 (Supélec) and PhD degree in 1999 (Université de Rennes). Then, He has joined EURECOM (www.eurecom.fr) as research engineer, and finally project leader. He has been part of SDR OpenAirInterface platform (www.openairinterface.org) design and development, mainly focused on the hardware blocks (digital, radiofrequency and antenna). His main research topics are design, test and measurement of 3G/4G/4G+ systems. He has been strongly involved the management of various collaborative projects (PLATON, ERMITAGES and RHODOS, PFMM (Pole SCS), Idromel. DUPLEX,E2R, E2R2, SACRA, ADEL, NewCom, …).

His research areas in the CREMANT will concern adaptive antennas and massive MIMO (Multiple Inputs Multiple Outputs).

Contact : dominique.nussbaum@orange.com

Installation of a new anechoic chamber for 5G development in Sophia Antipolis

In the frame of the CREMANT, Orange and the LEAT have officially opened in SophiaTech Campus a joint anechoic chamber.

Orange and Université Côte d’Azur have established an European center of excellence to accelerate antenna development for the future 5G infrastructure and Internet of Things.

20161104_145936     20161104_144026

Research project will be focused on 3 different topics :

  • design of new antenna technologies more smart and efficient with frequency range from 600MHz to 100 GHz.
  • design of antenna and sensor system for IoT, Smart city, E-health and connected car.
  •  Software development for antenna and EM modelling

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